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Captured Memories Blog: Wedding Videography and bridebook Award

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We are a videography and photography company specializing in weddings, events, and portraiture.

Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Alan and Rachel Waters, we focus on capturing the genuine and special memories from the biggest days, to the everyday.

Based in Christiansburg, Virginia, we serve the New River Valley and beyond! 


We capture the moment so you capture the memory!


Carlon & Hunter

A brisk cool April morning started the day, but soon warmed into the ideal weather for a late afternoon ceremony. With sunlight filtering through intermittent clouds, casting a soft glow over the rustic charm of Cedar Oaks Farms, and the distant mountains adding a touch of haze to the backdrop of the ceremony site.


Before the ceremony began, Carlon and Hunter shared an intimate moment with private vows during their first touch, saving their first looks for the aisle. It was a moment filled with emotion and sincerity, a glimpse into the depth of their love and commitment to each other. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Carlon and Hunter exchanged vows in a ceremony that was heartfelt and joyous, and the love and support of their loved ones enveloped them as they took this significant step together, hand in hand.


The reception was a celebration filled with laughter and tears, as Carlon's matrons of honor, her sisters-in-law, delivered a toast that spoke of the bond shared by Carlon and Hunter and the love between them. The wedding couple stole away for some private moments captured during golden hour and a stunning sunset. With the sun setting behind them, they shared their first truly private moments as a married couple.


For us, as the videography team, it was a privilege to document the love story of Carlon and Hunter. Every smile, every tear, every stolen glance was carefully captured, ensuring that their wedding day will be forever remembered in vivid detail. To Carlon and Hunter, may your love continue to shine brightly, illuminating the path of your journey together. And to all those who were fortunate enough to witness their union, may the memories of the day serve as a reminder of love's power, and the beauty of a life shared with one another.

bridebook VA magazine cover: NRV Best Videography Gold


We feel so lucky to be featured in the 11th issue of bridebook as recipients of the Gold award for Best Videographer in the New River Valley! We could not be more grateful to our clients who nominated us and who entrusted us with capturing the precious moments of their wedding days. Two of our amazing clients, Skylar & Christian, are featured in an article on Page 61, which shares their sweet story of reconnection and love. Pick up a copy in a store near you, or explore the digital edition on bridebook's website today!

Best of bridebook 2024 New River Valley Gold


Shutter Savvy: Tips and Tricks

Planning an unplugged ceremony? In an age where smartphones are practically extensions of our hands, many couples are opting for an unplugged ceremony, and the reasons are compelling.

First, it fosters a deeper connection between guests and the momentous occasion, encouraging them to be fully present rather than viewing it through a screen.

Second, it ensures that the professionals can capture unobstructed, high-quality images, and video, preserving the authenticity of the event.

Third, for couples an unplugged ceremony means fewer distractions and interruptions, allowing them to exchange vows in an intimate, uninterrupted atmosphere.

Ultimately, it's about prioritizing meaningful experiences over immediate digital documentation, creating memories that will last a lifetime without the interference of technology. BUT we understand the desire for guests to capture their own memories!

Here's a clever trick we've learned: have your officiant greet guests before anyone walks down the aisle. They can ask guests to silence their phones and put them away. Once the couple reaches the front, the officiant can invite guests to take out their phones for 30 seconds to snap pictures. Afterwards they put their phones away for good, and it's back to being fully present for the ceremony!


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