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Pulling from scientific studies, neuropsych research, business journals, and common sense from 20 years in the field of psychology, high-performance coaching, and stress & success research, Dr. Daryl Appleton is cutting through the instagramable wellness BS by shedding light on what is fact vs feeling.


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Alex & Tina are two curious gals on-the-go in NYC, who love all things beauty, wellness, and self-improvement. They're fascinated by what makes the modern woman thrive! They continue to ask the question, HOW can we optimize this ONE amazing life we have?



Bad Examples with ex Reality TV Stars, Tracy DiMarco & Jessica Romano is a modern day advice podcast from two pretty, but pretty much unqualified people. If you have something you want talked about, message them on @badexamplespodcast.


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What is success? How do we measure it? Why do we value it? Who's asking you all these questions? Come find answers to these & more with people who run the gambit from "Succesful" to "David Andrew Laws."



It's the latest innovation in “Entercation”! (That's entertaining education) We teach each other about randomly-chosen Wikipedia articles as we live, laugh, and learn (a little) on this stupid podcast for smart people! Hosted by David Laws & Liz McMonagle.


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